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ACACIA III: Cravings by L. Shannon
The Queen has a new desire, or two...

Counter intelligence operations have led to the capture of two werewolf warriors, more dangerous than anything either side has ever seen before. With their worlds on the brink of war, Queen Caitlin will do anything to protect herself and her people, even if it means bartering her body to a pair of killers.

But will her submission buy their loyalty?

Genre: Erotic m/f/m paranormal sci-fi romance
Release: January 21, 2022
Price: $0.99


The Poodle Game by C. Geoffrey Jones
Love turns dangerous at the dog show!

Poodle handler Kyle Anderson escapes a brutal lover with help from handler Bryan Williams, but will their growing feelings for each other be able to surmount their past relationships, both love and vengeance?

​Genre: Contemporary m/m romance
Release: April 19, 2013
PRINT $5.99

ACACIA II: Blindsided by L. Shannon
How much would he sacrifice to save his master?

As a high ranking doctor on the Acacia moon colony, Med Blake is responsible for the evaluation of immigrants and the blood they all need to survive. He takes it as a personal affront when the regular blood supply is threatened

Dash has been at his master's side for years, but he's never had the courage to confess his feelings. But when the human slave sees Blake in the throes of the poison, can he risks everything to save his master? Even his heart?

Genre: Erotic m/m paranormal sci-fi romance
Release: January 14, 2022
Price: $0.99

ACACIA I: Abducting Aeron by L. Shannon
Two different worlds collide.

As a spy for the Acacian moon colony, Aeron is determined to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth about a missing vampire. Although he plans to complete his search in secret, betrayal might leave him in the hands of the enemy and at the tender mercy of his human, planet-side contact. 

Genre: erotic m/f paranormal sci-fi romance
Release: January 7, 2022
Price: $0.99

ACACIA: The Collection by L. Shannon
Get all three ACACIA books in one purchase!

A thousand years in the future on a world far away, race wars and terrorism threaten the safety of the remaining races living on the planet Rahla and her orbiting moon colony of Acacia. But hate can always be defeated when love wins out in the shadowed hearts of ACACIA.

Genre: Erotic paranormal sci-fi romance
Release: January 28, 2022
Price: $1.99
​Buy the Ebook $1.99
Buy the Print Book COMING SOON

Blood Royals 1: Blood and Blessings
Will the playboy demon prince finally be tamed?

What is it about Amelia that drives Grant wild? As a Synn demon from royal blood, he should be able to control his desires. Yet, resisting her isn’t an option. He craves her blood, her body and something more.

Grant deals with former friends turned assassins and the sudden disappearance of his demonic mother, while trying to protect Amelia from the harsh realities of her life as well as his own dangerous desires.

Will his power and wealth be enough to keep her safe? Can Amelia accept him for the demon he truly is?

Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Release: February 4, 2022
Price: $0.99

Blood Royals 3: Blood Justice
If she couldn't kill him, she might have to keep him forever.

 After Sadaen tires of seeking vengeance, all that remains is his longing for justice and the slim possibility of redemption. He finds both in the arms of an angel determined to execute him. Lyna is convinced he deserves to die, and she’ll do anything to bring him to that final justice, even if it means betraying everything she holds dear.

Despite their long history of combat, he’s sure that only Lyna can offer him a future worthy of his past. He’ll either burn as the rogue demon he’s become or redeem himself through the flames of her passion. His only hope is to bind them together with a deal that could destroy them both. 

Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Release: February 18, 2022
Price: $1.99
BUY IT HERE Coming soon!

Blood Royals 2: Blood Reign
Will she be his slave or his queen?

Sadrina would give anything to protect her son. She chooses to sacrifice her freedom and barter her body to the lord of hell, returning to the arms of the one demon she’s always loved and the place she fears the most.

Pahele has no intention of sacrificing his lover. Instead of a slave, he expects her to become his queen. But to prove her right to rule at his side she must complete tests including passing judgment over the most notorious of her kind—her father, Sadaen

Genre: Erotic paranormal romance
Release: February 11, 2022
Price: $1.99

Blood Royals: The Collection
Get all three Blood Royals books in one purchase!

Even demons struggle with balancing honor and desire. Among the strongest of the Tascryn Demons are those that rule over all of the others. They guide their race in the duty of transitioning mortal souls. It's a heavy burden only lightened when shared with their destined mate, their Morning Star. 

Genre: Erotic paranormal sci-fi romance
Release: February 25, 2022
​Buy the Ebook $3.99
Buy the Print Book COMING SOON