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Welcome to PetKyn Event Management
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Now you can get the right event services to fit your needs!

Does your specialty club need help getting it's show or trial set up at a price that won't put you in the red? We can help!

Basic Package
For this package I provide electronic/print services and on site event secretary service including accepting entries, providing the following (premium, judging program, catalog.) On-site for the day of event and follow up paperwork are also included.
Fees: $100 plus $2.00 per entry plus expenses.

"Do it yourself" Package
Yep, you do it all, but I'm on call to help you with the bumps. Start out on the right foot with an event checklist and schedule to keep you on track with the forms and steps in the order you need them.
Fee: $50

Tent Rental
We have event tents available for rental. All are easy to assemble or can be set up on site for a fee.
10 x 10 pop up - $50 rental & $10 set up.
10 x 20 pole tent - $100 rental & $50 set up.

Equipment Rental
coming soon

Grounds Rental
coming soon

Online Classes
Let the pet experts bring 
the learning to you!